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Bike Trip, 2016. Report by: Noah R.

posted Aug 3, 2016, 9:00 PM by Troop 208 Milwaukee   [ updated Aug 3, 2016, 9:02 PM ]
On June the 24-26, some of the Boy Scouts of Troop 208 went on a bike outing.  We camped at New Glarus State Park.  The camp was one of the best because it was mostly shaded and we were at the end of the line of camps.  

The start of the outing didn't go according to plan.  One of the kids who was supposed to come couldn't make it.  His name is Zeno and he got stuck at theater camp.  Five scouts and four adults were supposed to go on the trip, but we had to leave with four scouts and four adults.  Then we got to our camp site and set everything up.  The morning we were going for the bike ride, Eric and his dad, the Scout Master, had to leave.  I do not know why.

We rode on the Sugar River Trail and Badger State Trail.  During the ride, we met up with Layton and his dad.  Sadly, they couldn't come to the tunnel because they had to leave.  The weather ended up being around 90 and no clouds all day.  Around the half way point we found the cool tunnel.  It was cool in both ways!  It was an old train tunnel, and it was far enough under ground to be much cooler than the rest of the trail.  About 50 feet away from the tunnel we could feel a wall of cool air.  It was refreshing because we were all hot and sweaty.  We ended up riding about 35 miles even though the tunnel was only 25 miles there and back.  

On the way back to camp, we stopped at a gas station to get Gatorade.  It was cold and refreshing after the long bike ride.   But we all had trouble getting up the two mile long, steep hill back to camp after our break at the gas station.  Once we got to camp, we were all hungry because we didn't finish until after 2:30.  

That evening, we went to a pool to cool off.  It was only $3 per person, and my dad said that the shower was worth $3.  We had a fire after dinner, which was at 9:00.  That night was very rainy and stormy.  Everything was wet, even some things in the tents.  We ended up packing up wet and taking tents home to let them dry.

I liked the outing because I got to spend time with other scouts and my family.  I was surprised the younger scouts wanted to try for 50 miles.  I was also surprised that we could all ride 35 miles without much practice in that heat.