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Camping at Blackhawk, 2016. Report by: Noah R.

posted Aug 3, 2016, 9:02 PM by Troop 208 Milwaukee
Our troop 208 recently returned from a week long adventure at Camp Blackhawk in Michigan. We were there for a full week starting on July 23 at 7:45 am. Our journey began on a 4 hour car ride.  That first Saturday was spent setting up tents and barns and we weren’t even done at dinner. Our chef by the way was Mr. Stepanovich, who did a super job of preparing the first 5 meals in the week! We did get to have a fire that night even though some of us weren’t finished setting up tents.
​Day Two did not start off so great as it poured rain from 3am till around lunch.  We spent  a lot of time in the Barn that we had set up, talking and waiting for the rain to stop. We basically hung around the camp site and started thinking about our merit badges. But Day Three was sunny and everyone started their merit badges. I did sailing in the morning and welding in the afternoon. Seriously, welding. You should see the cool thing I made. The best part of the day was when we scouts did the cooking for dinner. We decided to swap the chili for tacos and we rocked it!
​Day Four for me involved cooking which was fine and KP which was not so fine. I don’t want to complain but I had KP duty 14 times this week! Hmmm…I guess I do want to complain. Dave Five I got to do sailing and welding again and I was very happy! Especially when the dinner was great burgers and STEAK! Day Six had me doing MORE KP! But it was ok cause that was the day we finished our 24 hour fire and that was pretty amazing.
​We were doing service time the whole week.  For our Service Time we worked to improve the campground. We did a lot of pulling out of stumps which was hard work! But we had an incentive since the stumps had been involved in tripping three of our scout leaders.  They had to go! Friday was the make up day for everyone to get their badges completed.The last day was Saturday and we basically cleaned up the area and packed all our gear. The ride home was not as exciting as the ride to camp. I guess that’s a sign that it was a great experience. Wish you could have been there!