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Noah's Ark, 2016. Report by: Noah R.

posted Aug 3, 2016, 8:59 PM by Troop 208 Milwaukee   [ updated Aug 3, 2016, 9:03 PM ]
The Boy Scouts went to Noah's Ark in Wisconsin Dells on Friday, June 17.  Two adults and seven boys went on the trip to the water park.  The day was warm and sunny so we all put on a lot of sunscreen.  

The park was not too crowded for us to get on all the rides we wanted.   Once Ian and I got changed we couldn't find anyone for about half an hour.  After that we found Zeno and Garrett in the wave pool.  

Once we decided to get out of the wave pool we went over to Black Thunder.  Black Thunder is a group of four slides by the park's edge. The two middle slides are the exact same.  The outer ones twist around each other off to the side.  I rode both of the slides they were letting us go on with Zeno.  

Once we were done there we went to some of the bigger rides like Stingray, Kowabunga, and Flash Flood.  Only Zeno and I went on Stingray as far as I know.  I really liked going on rides with Zeno because when he got surprised he would yell a random word.  I found out Mr. Studer landed the flip on the boogie board rider but I wasn't there to see it.  

After we were done with the park we went to Pizza Ranch.  We had an interesting conversation trying to guess each other's middle names at dinner.  No one left Pizza Ranch hungry in our group.  

Both of the car rides were long and boring, but that is not a big price for that much fun.