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Rocket Launch campout - October 2011

posted Sep 13, 2017, 5:55 AM by Troop 208 Milwaukee
The rocket launch held during the Bong Rec. Area campout went very well.  We started a little after 2pm and finished up about 4:30pm.

In all we launched 31 rockets.  All but one rocket were recovered.  8 scouts, a Webelo,  plus myself flew at least one rocket each.

The weather was beautiful - above normal temperatures, clear skies and only slightly windy.

The most prolific flier, besides myself was Evan H. who flew his "NASA's First" six times on motors ranging from a B6 to a C6.

The most popular motor was the C6 (of course!! More Power!!! ) It was used on 12 rocket flights.  That was followed by the B6, used 9 times.

Possibly the most creative named rocket was "The Lohan", flown by JT M.  Ask him why he named it that.

A rocket was even built by the Scouts, in the morning before the launch at the campsite.  They used extra parts Kody had, and used Duct tape and possibly chewing gum to construct it.  A rocket like that is known as a S.P.E.V. (Spare Parts Elimination Vehicle).  It flew twice, until it fell apart.

I flew a few different looking rockets.  A R2-D2 replica,  a styrofoam UFO, a cone shaped spacecraft, a scale model of a Jupiter-C and a normal looking rocket.

Looking forward to the next launch.

Mr. Koszuta