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Eagle Scout Service Projects

Below you will find, in their own words, some of our recent Eagles' descriptions of their service projects.  

These Scouts had to pick a project of real benefit, plan every detail of the project, and then lead a team of volunteers in accomplishing the tasks.  

We thank them for sharing their stories, and hope that in doing so, they may help to inspire future Eagle Scouts.

"My project was to put new benches and shelving units into my high school locker room as well as re-painting the walls.   Having used the locker rooms myself, I knew they needed some work.   Over 200 man hours went into the project, which was a lot more than I expected.  Still, this project only took me two weekends because of great volunteer support.  The whole project turned out really well.  Most of my supplies were donated by very generous people and I thank them very much for all of their support.  Fresh paint and brand new benches made the old locker room look brand new, and for the finishing touch we painted two school logos onto the walls that really make the locker room what it is today.  I want to thank everyone who helped with the project and also everyone who pushed me to keep with it.  Thank you all very much."

~Bradley V.

"My Eagle project involved me leading a team of workers inside the Marquette University library.  Marquette University is the single largest holder of Native American Catholic school attendance records in the nation.  However, most of these records are in the original paper condition with hand-written entries.  As such, my team took 1/3 of the records and transferred them from the original documents into a computerized database.  This is useful to the community because these records are useful to natives for both legal and genealogical purposes, and my project will greatly expedite the research of these records.  In addition, it allows for individuals other than the archivists to research this information, thus allowing the public to access this information significantly more conveniently."  

"I learned about this project through my interactions with one of the archivists at the university during meetings of the Mikano Dance Team, of which we were both members.  We talked at length, and when he expressed this need, I realized that it was a great opportunity to provide service and leadership in a new way that would be perfect for my Eagle Project.  After the planning was completed and the approvals obtained, my crew of volunteers and I worked on the project from February through May, meeting approximately once a week, until the last box and folder were entered into the database."

~Michael T.

"While I was volunteering to set up the St. Veronica Parish festival, I was looking around Johnson Hall which is the church basement.  I noticed that the hall was showing its age, as well as the large amount of use it gets during the course of each year.  I am proud of our parish and its role in our south side neighborhood, and members of my family have been members of St. Veronica’s since it was founded in the 1920’s.  Because of these factors, I decided I wanted my project to be the restoration of Johnson hall to what it looked like when it was built in 1965."  

"My tasks included cleaning, patching, and preparing the ceiling for painting, which hadn't happened since 1965.  We then cleaned the light fixtures and replaced the bulbs that were burned out.  Next the walls were cleaned, prepped and painted.  Finally the floor was cleaned.  The project was accomplished with the help of my fellow scouts, as well as some additional family and friends, and I thank them all for their help and support."

~John D.